Try These Love Spells to Bring New Romance Into Your Life!

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Last Updated on February 13, 2024

It’s rough out there on the dating scene, and your girl isn’t above trying anything possible to find love… including a little witchcraft. No, I’m not talking about pointy black hats and broomsticks. I mean, test-driving a few love spells to see if they’ll conjure up a new romantic connection.

Love spells combine the power of positive thinking with step-by-step rituals using a variety of elements and ingredients, most of which you can find in local stores or online. I’m going to take you through two love spells that some people swear by. Even if they’re not foolproof and feel a little silly, doing them can make for a fun way to spend Friday night with your gal pals, especially when paired with big, witchy goblets of wine. 

Spells must be done by candlelight to create a welcoming environment for the spirits, so turn off all your lamps, screens, devices, and ring lights. Each of the two spells requires a specific candle for the actual ritual, but when it comes to decorating the room, choose candles in colors and scents that look or smell sensual to you. When preparing the room to perform your love spell, take your time lighting each candle carefully–the act of lighting the candle itself will help focus your energy. 

Here are two heart-centered love spells that may just be potent enough to summon the man of your dreams!

The Enchanting Flames of Love Spell

flamy symbol


· A red spell candle 

· An abalone seashell 

· Charcoal tablets (NOT actual pieces of charcoal – it’s unsafe to burn indoors)

· Sage 

· Several pieces of mini rose quartz 

· Incense 

· A set of matches

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First, create an altar. Ideally, you want a small table that everyone can sit around, but a shelf or a counter will do as long as it’s cleared off without distracting items. Gather everyone around, sitting or standing comfortably. Set all the elements on the altar.


Do the following one by one: 

· Place the charcoal tablet in a fireproof bowl and use the match to light it and spark transformative energy.

· Light the ends of the sage, then blow it out. Slowly wave it around the room. This represents a cleansing of the heart to create space for someone new.

· Burn the incense next. The aroma will intensify the aura in the room.

· Give a piece of the rose quartz, which represents love, to everyone in the circle to clasp in both hands.

· Now, light the red candle in the middle of the altar. Its flame symbolizes fiery passion. As it burns, everyone should look at it intently while holding the quartz. Urge everyone to manifest their intentions while visualizing their ideal partner and relationship. You can do it silently or take turns saying it out loud. When the candle burns out, the ritual is complete. 

· There’s no harm in topping it off with a toast to good luck!

The Magnetic Blooms of Love Spell

tulip flower field. close up nature background. magic glow art render


· One medium to large pink candle

· A small, sharp knife

· Petals from a bouquet of your favorite flowers 

· A large glass bowl 

· Sea salt 

· Magnetic sand (available to buy online)

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Whether you’re alone or with others, set up a table with all the elements in front of you. Put on complementary soft music if you like. Before you begin, close your eyes and take a few moments to consider the most important qualities you want in a future partner. 


Do the following in this order:

· Using the knife, gently carve out a few words representing those ideal romantic qualities you just thought about.

· Once the carving is complete, sprinkle a layer of sea salt at the bottom of the glass bowl. This will help anchor the candle and create a protective barrier against negativity 

· Place the candle in the middle of the glass bowl

· Scatter the flower petals around the base of the candle until the candle is surrounded, with each bloom representing a chance for love to flourish

· Lightly dust magnetic sand over the bowl, symbolizing the addition of intense sexual attraction 

· Light the pink candle

· While seated, hold the quartz and silently meditate, letting the scent of the burning candle and the warmth of the quartz permeate your senses. While continuing to breathe deeply—inhaling positivity and exhaling doubt—visualize in detail your romantic needs being met. Take as much time as you need. If you’re in a group and everyone’s comfortable, spend a few moments sharing in this safe circle. 

· When the candle burns out, everyone should feel a new sense of optimism and pride that they’ve purified themselves of past romantic trauma and taken an important step towards inviting fresh love and passion into their lives. 

Whether you believe in magic or do it as a light-hearted experiment, being sincere and open-minded is essential. You won’t impress the gods of love by rolling your eyes or making everyone self-conscious. If you decide to try it, you must commit and invest fully. After all, you never know what a little hocus pocus can do!

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