Can the “777” Rule Strengthen Your Relationship?

777 rules for relationships

Last Updated on June 14, 2024

What is this “777” rule trend, and does it work?

A recent celebrity story has the social media sphere talking about the “777” rule  – a ritualistic routine said to strengthen or mend relationships. Actress Amy Nutall caught her husband, Andrew Buchan, cheating with his co-star. Oops. But no problem, because she’s revealed they’re using the “777” rule to mend the relationship.

Okay, that’s cool. But what is the 777 rule, and is it actually useful? Will it mend their marriage? Can normal non-celebrities use the 777 rule to build a strong relationship, strengthen a waning relationship, or mend something that’s on the rocks? 

Let’s take a closer look at this relationship fad and its real value.

What is the 777 Rule?

The 777 rule is a simple outline for maintaining a relationship, given a catchy numerical name. It has been touted as a way to “stay in the honeymoon phase” and all that, but here’s what it really breaks down to:

  • Every 7 Days – Have a date night
  • Every 7 Weeks – Spend a special night together
  • Every 7 Months – Go on a little vacation together

It’s as simple as that. Basically, you can put it in your calendar and remind yourself to be more present in your relationship. It also comes with some extra advice about the depth of reconnection you should be doing at each of these key intervals.

On your date night, reconnect and spend time exclusively with each other. Try to make it fun, exciting, and meaningful so that the spark doesn’t fade into the rigors of daily life. Some say, “go away for the night,” but we can’t all afford a romantic hotel room every two months.

On your night together, delve deeply into one another again. Share hopes and dreams. Talk about your challenges and triumphs. Try to rekindle your flame.

On your getaway, have a mini honeymoon. Get lost in each other and think of nothing else for at least a whole day, if not several days of vacation time.

Is the 777 Rule Useful Relationship Advice?

Heck yes!

At its core, the 777 rule is solid advice, if a little arbitrary. The rule tells you to make time for your partner and fully dedicate at least one day a week, one day every two months, and a few days every six months (approximately) to loving each other and falling in love all over again. It’s a reminder not to grow apart because, y’know, life, work, and stuff.

It’s also something highly schedule-based people who are easily distracted can put into their calendars: “Oh look, it’s date night. I’d better make something my lover likes to eat and wear their favorite shirt,” or “Oh, the special night is coming up. I’ll clear my night, buy some wine, and build a Spotify playlist they’ll love.”

Great! It even reminds you to have a getaway at about the right intervals for a summer and a holiday – or whatever. Making time for your lover and building your relationship is essential. So “777,” if you want to, will probably do some good.

Are All Those Sevens Meaningful?


You may be inclined to think “777” has something to do with angel numbers, but it doesn’t. The only reason it’s “777” is because there are seven days in a week. There are also approximately 7-8 weeks in 2 months and 12 months in a year. So, really, the math isn’t quite mathing because adding two more sevens roughs out to your special night together every two months and a vacation every six months. 

If we were going to make it more accurate, it would be the “786” rule (7 days, 8 weeks, 6 months), but that’s not nearly as catchy.

Can the 777 Rule Mend a Rocky Relationship?

Not by itself, no. Every relationship is unique, and so are the problems that need mending. If the problem is that you have drifted apart and stopped making time for each other, then the 777 rule is a great way to remind yourself to rekindle that flame.

Let’s say you’re both busy. Work, family, and life in general just have you distracted and exhausted. Maybe you eat dinner and watch TV together but have otherwise stopped talking. Or perhaps you don’t live together and barely see each other anymore. Scheduling one “staring into each other’s eyes” date night a week will make a huge difference! It could really help, but only if that’s what needs mending.

Taking time for adventures can help. Dedicating one super romantic night together every two months is sparse, but it is something even busy people can make time for.  For some, taking a vacation together is perfect to rekindle the flame. 

Of course, if trust is lost, a date night won’t fix it. If there are communication problems, you’ll need to tackle them with or without a schedule.

Trying the 777 Rule for Yourself

If you’re in a new or old relationship or just reaching that ‘getting busy’ stage in your current relationship, you might be curious to try the 777 rule for yourself.

First, we suggest adapting the numbers to suit your schedule. The 7s are awkward anywhere but weekly, so try the 786 instead—or whatever works for you.

Second, really dive into the date nights. Those are what will probably matter most. Plan adventures, loving dinners, and good movies. Consider your lover, and let them consider you. Weekly dates are a great way to stay connected.

Third, think about those vacations. One will probably be your holiday vacation, which likely involves family, but you might be able to book a few extra days in a hotel just to honeymoon over eggnog and takeout Chinese food. The other will probably be in the summer. Consider an affordable adventure that your lover might adore, but include them in the plans and be practical. Thoughtful planning is always sexy.

Fourth, make the “rule” your own. It’s good advice, but every relationship is unique. Learn from the early stages and build the routines or traditions that enrich your relationship. 

What About Amy Nutall?

Will the 777 rule work for Amy Nutall? Maybe they’re working it out with mad pillow fights or primal screaming sessions, but the only press-safe thing to share is their 777 date schedule. We’re hoping it’s brutal screaming pillow fights, though. Followed by collapsing into cathartic laughter that heals the rift between them and creates room to rebuild trust. That would be cool.

But ultimately, who knows?

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