Luxury Scents for Less: Discover the World of Micro Perfumes


Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Have you ever walked past someone on the street and wondered what fragrance they’re wearing? Do you ever put your signature scent on in the morning and wish you could switch your scents up without spending hundreds of dollars on individual bottles of perfume you’ll never use up entirely?

If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then you might be a perfume junkie. And for those who love perfume and saving money, micro perfumes might be perfect for you. Micro perfumes are small, travel-sized versions of the designer perfumes you know and love. But, with the smaller size comes a smaller price tag, so you can try all the perfumes you want without breaking the bank. 

Let’s talk more about micro perfumes and how they can make you smell luxurious for a fraction of the price.

Why Choose Micro Perfumes?

It happens far too often: you purchase a full-sized bottle of perfume only for it to go bad before you’ve even made through a quarter of the product. Even if you buy a perfume you love, you never know if you will love it forever or for a moment. Plus, with perfumes often costing over $100 a bottle, collecting perfumes—or even buying one can get expensive. As much as we all love fragrances, there are many downsides to buying full bottles of perfume, but that’s where micro perfumes come in handy. 

Here are just a few reasons why micro perfumes are a great choice for savvy perfume lovers:

You Can Try Real Perfumes for Real Cheap: Micro perfumes are small-sized servings of the real deal, name-brand perfumes and yes, micro perfumes are legit. With the smaller-sized bottle comes smaller prices. So, if you want a taste of what the name-brand perfumes smell like without paying exorbitant prices, micro perfumes are a great option.

You Can Wear a New Perfume Every Day if You Want: If you have a work presentation one day, a trip to a local museum the next, and a Saturday night bar run planned afterward, you can switch your perfume depending on the event. Let’s face it: with the price of traditional perfume bottles, this isn’t possible, but with micro perfumes, it is!

There’s No Loss If You Don’t Like a Scent: Although sometimes it’s possible to go to a local store to smell the perfume you’re interested in purchasing, not all beauty and department stores have testers for all the scents you want to try. Micro perfumes let you pick up a personal sample version instead, so you can avoid committing to an entire bottle of perfume before you’ve smelt it.

The Bottles Fit in Your Purse: Sometimes, you need some perfume on the go, which clearly isn’t possible with regular-size fragrances unless you want to be that person carting around a 65oz bottle of Chanel No5 in their purse. Micro perfumes are easy to throw into your bag, car, or pocket, so you always have your scent du jour on hand for a touch-up. 

A Little Goes a Long Way: How many times have you actually finished a bottle of fragrance before it goes bad or you bored of it? These mini perfume bottles last just as long as the original scents (because they are!) just without the waste.

How Does The Scent Quiz Work?

MicroPerfumes Calabasas offers extensive selection, so no matter what you’re looking for, chances are you will find it here. However, it can be challenging to find your perfect scent if you don’t already know what you’re looking for. The scent quiz is designed to help you select the ideal perfumes for your wants and preferences. Completing the scent quiz is easy. MicroPerfumes asks five questions to determine what kinds of perfume meet your needs. Here’s a preview:

  1. They’ll ask about the type of fragrance you want, whether masculine or feminine.
  2. You’ll give them some basic info about you—like your name.
  3. They’ll determine whether or not you have a signature scent right now, are looking for one, or if you like variety.
  4. You can decide what kind of scent you want—fruity, musky, breezy- the options are endless.
  5. You’ll tell them more about the type of vibe you want to give off with your new fragrance.

The scent quiz is easy, but signing up for MicroPerfumes is even easier. You only have to provide a few pieces of information, like your name and email, and then you’ll set up a password. After that, you’ll be on your way to shopping for great scents at great prices.

The Scents We Tried

I placed an order with Microperfumes Calabasas for my micro perfume review and was astounded at how quickly my order arrived. Once I dug into the package, I was impressed with how neatly everything was arranged and how they ensured my fragrances arrived in good condition. 

I took the scent quiz and went with one I use regularly and four they recommended based on how I answered the questions. Here is a quick rundown of what I got: 

Versace Bright Crystal 

I’ve been wearing this scent since college, so I know exactly how it should smell. This was my *control* perfume because I wanted to compare their bottle with the one I already have, and it’s definitely the real thing, just in a smaller package. Light and floral, this scent is bursting with notes like yuzu, pomegranate, magnolia, and lotus that would be hard to duplicate. 

Dior J’adore

I was a little weary when the site suggested this one because it’s a strong floral, which I usually don’t like. But, since it’s small, I figured there’s no harm in trying it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. The scent is floral but delicate, and it’s long-lasting enough that I didn’t have to reapply it at all. 

YSL Libre

This was another site recommendation, and honestly, I may have found my new signature scent. While the top notes in this fragrance are floral, when I spritz it on, the notes of orange blossom and vanilla jumped out to make me smell warm and sensual. This one is a 10/10!

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

If you like to smell spicy, this is the scent for you! It smells like amber and patchouli but in a very villain-era way. However, it’s a very intense scent, so I will save this one for nighttime because I can see it getting way too intense on a hot day. 

Prada Paradoxe 

If you’re looking for a new scent to match your Coquette style, this is it. I threw this one on for Galentine’s Day to compliment my new Day at the Vatican Maxi Dress I got from Fashion Nova, and it was perfect. Light, floral, and very feminine! 

Armani My Way

I’ve always wanted to try this perfume but couldn’t justify the $186 price tag, so I jumped at the chance to get it when I saw it listed on MicroPerfume’s website. I’m happy to report it didn’t disappoint. The notes of vanilla and bergamot balance out the floral Iris top note, making this the perfect scent for date night. 

Why Purchase Micro Perfumes from MicroPerfumes Calabasas?

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in purchasing small samples of designer perfumes, then you need to learn more about what MicroPerfumes Calabasas is all about. In short, the company sends top-notch perfume to savvy people like you for incredible prices. Here are some things about the company that sets them apart from other perfume retailers:

Fast Shipping: Life moves fast and you can’t afford to wait around for months to receive your perfume. Because MicroPerfumes Calabasas wants you to experience your new scents as soon as possible, they send your perfumes out quickly. They offer fast shipping—you can count on that.

Convenient Spray Bottles: When you purchase a microperfume from MicroPerfumes, you will receive it in a convenient spray bottle. Microperfumes are sent out in packaging that is easy to apply and store.

The Sizes Vary: You can find most fragrances in various sizes, depending on which one you order. This allows you to purchase the small-sized fragrance that’s right for your needs.

Ready to Expand Your Perfume Collection? Choose MicroPerfumes Calabasas.

We’ve learned a lot about all the perks of purchasing microperfumes. Between the large selection of perfumes, the fast shipping, the affordable prices, and all the other benefits, there’s no reason not to try it at least once.
If you’re eager to expand your perfume collection but don’t want to pay too much, it’s time to start shopping with MicroPerfumes. You don’t have to settle for spending money on perfumes you don’t love. For more information, head on over to their website. Enjoy!

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