What Makes Chocolate So Sexy?

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Let’s face it: chocolate is sexy. From its position as a bestselling Valentine’s Day gift to the famously flirtatious green M&M, it’s clear that we’ve universally decided that chocolate is romantic. 

Don’t worry; we’re not here to disprove or dispute that fact. Whether you view chocolate as food or foreplay, we’re on your side. In fact, as chocolate fans, we’ve decided to take a closer look at its sexy reputation. 

So, how did chocolate become associated with love? What role can chocolate play in the bedroom? And most importantly, how could it find its way into your bedroom? 

It’s time for all things hot chocolate… and we’re not talking about the drink. 

The History of Sexy Chocolate

Get ready for the tastiest (and most titillating) history lesson of your life. As it turns out, chocolate’s romantic reputation isn’t just backed by our favorite rom-coms. It has roots in ancient civilizations and science. That means that excuses to indulge in this delicious candy aren’t going anywhere. You’re not eating sweets for breakfast; you’re appreciating history! As you should. 

Sexy Symbolism

Long before Forrest Gump declared that life is like a box of chocolates, chocolate symbolized many other things. Traced back to early Mesoamerican civilizations, chocolate is derived from prized cacao beans. Mayans viewed the beans as gifts from the gods, making them carefully preserved and expensive. Due to these high costs, only the wealthiest could afford the beans and foods it was used in. Soon, owning and consuming chocolate symbolized extreme wealth, power, and status. 

When chocolate made its way to Europe, it was hailed as a magical elixir. Still, it wasn’t long before the widespread allure of the food made it go mainstream: the money to be made was just too tempting. Chocolate bars, hearts, and desserts soon became favorites among foodies across the ages and became the perfect gift for a loved one. 

Sexy Science

Although chocolate may not have been the secret to eternal life, it’s not without its benefits. Dark chocolate is good for the heart, increasing blood flow to the region. L-arginine is also built into chocolate and causes blood to rush to… other regions. So it’s no wonder that chocolate is hailed as an aphrodisiac, as it has all the components for a good time! 

Let’s recap: Your heart is involved, you’re in the mood, and chocolate is even known to relax you – making you feel confident and comfortable. I think we see where this is going.

Sexy… Sex 

When the ancient Mayans and Aztecs added chilis to their hot chocolate, they were onto something. As it turns out, this sweet food is also very good at getting spicy

Chocolate has bedroom appeal because it can exist at many temperatures and forms. Any item that can be heated, melted, or cooled offers endless possibilities for introducing tantalizing sensations and shaking up a bedroom experience. Add to that the fact that chocolate tastes good, smells good, and tends to get sticky, and you’re in for a lot of messy fun. 

Hershey’s kiss, anyone? 

How Can I Incorporate Chocolate Into the Bedroom? 

Perhaps you’ve already experimented with food play, and you’re looking to expand your menu. Maybe you’re totally new to this, but chocolate is delicious enough to get you to take the leap. Or perhaps you’re not interested in this line of bedroom fun, but you’re never going to look at a Snickers bar the same way, thanks to this article. If that’s the case, we’re sorry.  

But if you are into it, buckle up because here we go. 

How to Use Chocolate in the Bedroom

So, you know you love sex and chocolate, but the question remains: how do you combine them? Fortunately, when you’re just trying to have fun with a partner, very few things can go wrong. However, for a bit more structure, here are some of our favorite ideas. 

1. Save Dishes: Be a Plate

Eating off each other is a classic move for food play. However, chocolate is particularly fun for this, as your body heat may cause it to melt a little. Clean up on aisle… me? 

2. Sweet Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to get your heart rate up before the real fun begins. Split a box of chocolates with your partner, and each secretly hides them around the room. Whoever discovers the other person’s placements first wins. Yes, attempting to distract each other is absolutely allowed. 

3. Chocolate Finger-Painting

Chocolate syrup makes for excellent edible paint. Lie on your back and attempt to guess what your partner is drawing or freestyle! This can get messy, so consider laying down some towels, investing in good laundry detergent, or simply setting up your sexy art studio in the shower. 

4. Leaving a Trail

Just like with finger-painting, chocolate syrup can be used to create a trail and lead your partner’s mouth wherever you’d like. You can also warm up the syrup or melt chocolate to add some extra sensations. Just remember to keep the chocolate external.

5. Chocolate Candles

If you’re not ready to fully introduce food into your fun, don’t worry! Chocolate can still be used to up your game. For example, investing in chocolate candles can help create mood lighting with a sexy scent. 

How to Approach Your Partner About Food Play

If this sounds fun to you, your only remaining concern may be how to approach it. As with all bedroom preferences, the best advice is to have an open and honest conversation about what you’re interested in trying. What can we say? Some people like choking, and some people like chocolate! At the end of the day, it’s all about getting consent and feeling comfortable. Of course, with chocolate involved, it’s bound to be a treat for both of you, so this shouldn’t be a hard sell. 

Now, indulge that chocolate craving we’ve inevitably given you!


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