The Top 10 Best Nude Beaches People Still Visit Around The World

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Last Updated on June 20, 2024

For most people at home, nude beaches are a punchline on a sitcom. Or worse—a caricaturesque parody of debauchery from decades long gone. 

These assumptions are not a surprise. After all, nudity is something intensely private for the average person, whose closest experience to a nude beach is the fault of a slipping bikini top or a particularly tight speedo. 

Nonetheless, nude beaches are neither caricatures nor punchlines. In truth, they exist everywhere in the world, thriving thanks to naturists—folks who perceive social nudity as something non-sexual and uncomplicated. Something natural. 

But where are these famous nude beaches? You may picture them in faraway lands, but they may be closer than you think. Get ready and dress up in your best birthday suit as we take you on a cheeky tour to the best nudist beaches you can find around the world. 

  1. Lady Bay Beach (Sydney, Australia)
lady bay beach stairs on a day, port elliot, south australia
Staircase at Lady Bay Beach, Australia

Lady Bay Beach, located in Sydney Harbour National Park, is one of Australia’s legal nudist beaches—perhaps the most popular thanks to its long history and location within the city. 

The beach is striking and has a lovely view, thanks to its beautiful rock formations. Nonetheless, its location near a popular walkway may make it hard to get privacy from gawkers, and many passersby tourists have been known to snap photos. 

Other Nude Beaches in Australia: Maslin Beach, Cobblers Beach.

2. Playa de Los Muertos (Almería, Spain)

the great rock of the "playa de los muertos" in almeria.
The great rock of the “playa de los muertos” in Almeria.

Playa de Los Muertos is a paradisiacal beach with a pebbled shore, crystal clear water, and striking views. It is relatively isolated and requires quite a bit of effort to access since it requires a 15-minute descent on foot. But the reward is a secret gateway that is never too crowded.

Nude bathing is permitted, but not in the entire area. It’s a mixed beach, with nudity mostly restricted to the left side, as seen when facing the sea. 

Other Nude Beaches in Spain: Playa de Maspalomas, Platja des Cavallet.

3. Donji Bili Bok FKK (Proizd Island, Croatia)

beautiful wild beach
Beach on Proizd, Croatia

Croatia is a country that is not particularly shy about enjoying the sea in your birthday suit. After all, it has over 100 nude beaches scattered all over its shores along the Adriatic Sea, all of them identified with the “FKK” acronym. 

Proizd island is somewhat secluded yet boasts crystal clear waters and an awe-inducing pine forest. One of its four beaches is entirely naturist, which allows freedom in privacy.

Other Nude Beaches in Croatia: Nugal Beach, Kandalora Beach.

4.Red Beach (Santorini, Greece)

santorini island greece summer tourist resort europe
Santorini island, Greece

Thanks to the volcanic sediment surrounding it, Red Beach has beautiful pinkish-colored sand and rocks that give it its name. The sand’s pinkish hue, mixed with crystal blue waters, gives Red Beach a picturesque and otherworldly appearance that is impossible to resist.

It’s easy to reach yet somewhat secluded, making it perfect for naturists seeking to enjoy the sun. It also has a rich past as a hippie trail, which enhances its appeal to nude enthusiasts thanks to its tradition. 

Other Nude Beaches in Greece: Little Banana Beach, Super Paradise Beach.

5. Spiaggia di Piscinas (Sardinia, Italy)

spiaggia di piscinas beach in sardinia, italy
Spiaggia di Piscinas beach in Sardinia, Italy

Piscinas Beach is a haven for naturists of all types. 

Not only is it one of the few legal nudist beaches in Sardinia, but its natural backdrop of ochre desert dunes and turquoise waters makes it a lovely oasis and a striking display of nature’s beauty. To make things even better, it is also a haven for sea life, as turtles and other animals often frequent the shore. 

Other Nude Beaches in Italy: Spiaggia del Troncone, Spiaggia di Acquarilli.

6. Praia de Tambaba (Paraiba, Brazil)

tambaba beach, naturist beach, in conde, near joão pessoa, paraiba, brazil.
Tambaba naturist beach

Praia de Tambaba is not discreet about its naturist approach compared to other entries on this list. It is a legal and official nudist beach in Brazil. Yet, it remains open to anyone who wishes to visit it—naturists tend to gather at the center, while clothed visitors often sit by the periphery. 

Nonetheless, strict security ensures that all naturist visitors enjoy the experience at peace alongside the gorgeous environment.

Other Nude Beaches in Brazil: Praia Massarandupió, Praia do Abricó.

7. Hanlan’s Point Beach (Toronto, Canada)

hanlans point beach toronto
The point of no return at Hanlan’s Point Beach

While initially only a segment of Hanlan’s Point Beach was naturist-friendly, in 2023, the recognition extended to the entire beach. 

Notorious as a gay meeting point with a long history in the fight for LGBTQ rights, it has become a thriving area with beautiful nature within reach from Toronto. It has all the necessary amenities—a biking trail, outdoor tennis courts, volleyball, and more.

Other Nude Beaches in Canada: Wreck Beach, Beaconia Beach.

8. Ladies Bay (Auckland, New Zealand)

ladies bay, auckland, new zealand
Sunset along Ladies Bay in Auckland

Not to be confused with the Australian beach, this Auckland jewel is not just open for the ladies. 

This popular naturist hub is within reach, only a few minutes from the city. Nonetheless, it is relatively small and secluded, which makes it easy to visit yet private enough to put newcomers at ease.

Other Nude Beaches in New Zealand: Little Palm Beach, Karekare Beach. 

9. Strandbad Wannsee (Berlin, Germany)

autumn view of wannsee lake in berlin, germany
View of Wannsee Lakeshore

Located by the Großer Wannsee Lakeshore, Strandbad Wannsee is a small haven of nature and peace amidst the busy city. It is considered one of the most extensive inland lidos in Europe.

While only some of the area is naturist-friendly, it has a designated spot for the birthday suit crowd, equipped with all the amenities you may need. 

Other Nude Beaches in Germany: Buhne 16 and Kampen, Ording Nord. 

10. Haulover Park (Miami Beach, United States) 

aerial miami beach summer vibes coastline
Aerial of Haulover Beach Park

Although naturist beaches may seem primarily European, the number one most visited and highly-appreciated nudist seaside hub lies at the heart of Miami Beach in the United States.

Considered by Pour Moi magazine to be the best beach for nude sunbathing in the world, Haulover Beach Park has designated areas for optional clothing with extra security to protect naturists as they enjoy the beauty of Florida’s seaside.

Other Nude Beaches in the United States: Black’s Beach, Gunnison Beach, Hippie Hollow.

Bare it All to the Sun

Even the most nudist-resistant folks can admit there is something beautiful about enjoying the sun and sea without fabrics or societal conventions getting in the way. 

For those curious about the experience, it can be freeing and even relaxing. Just be sure not to forget your sunscreen along the way—there are some places where no one should ever get sunburned. 

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