Spring 2024 Essentials: 5 Fashion Pieces You Can’t Miss

2024 spring fashion

Last Updated on May 2, 2024

Looking outside your window in the springtime is incredible—the birds are chirping, the sun is out, and the warm weather makes you want to put on a stylish outfit suited for the season. We love winter fashion as much as the next person (to tell the truth, we have a soft spot for cozy sweaters), but even so, we can’t help but be super excited for the upcoming spring fashion trends!

Whether you love dresses or like to keep it casual with sneakers, you can strut your stuff in the springtime by following the latest trends in spring fashion. To make things easier, we’re walking you through five springtime fashion trends you’ll love. By the end, you’ll feel informed and ready to go shopping—and there’s nothing better than shopping. Let’s get into it!

Five  2024 Spring Fashion Trends You Should Know About

When you’re looking through your wardrobe, you might find that your clothes seem outdated or uninspired. If all your clothes are from last season, you need to spruce things up with some new pieces. The good news is these springtime items are sure to elevate your wardrobe:

An Investment Piece: The Alaia Bag

image 6

Nothing is more stylish than a statement bag and more convenient than a mini bag. This Alaia Bag combines style and convenience, culminating into the perfect spring bag. We’ll admit that the Alaia Bag is a substantial investment, coming in at $2,250. However, this bag will last you for many more spring seasons to come, so it’s worth it.

The Specs: This stunning bag goes over the shoulder and is finely crafted in Italy. Its construction includes tube-shaped handles and a double zip, and it comes with a built-in mirror.

The Spring-to-Fall-to-Winter Piece: A Boxy Jacket

image 7

Look, we know we’re talking about springtime trends, but sometimes, it’s important to think about investing in pieces that transition to other seasons, too. If you’re looking for a lightweight coat that will suit your needs in the spring and work in the winter and fall with layers, getting a boxy coat like Carhartt Michigan Chore Coat is a good idea. For women, it’s on trend to purchase an androgynous jacket that has a more relaxed silhouette.

What to Look for: When looking for a boxy jacket that will meet your needs, consider several factors: fit, color, and fabric. Try to find a loose, neutral, and breathable jacket (made with a fabric like cotton).

For Minimalists…and Maximalists: A White Sweater

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image 11

We’re all familiar with what a classic white sweater looks like, but this season, they’re a must-buy because preppy and classic is in. A v-neck sweater, like this one from Zara, will make the perfect addition to your closet because you can dress it up or down and keep it minimal or maximal. If you like to keep things simple, pair your white sweater with white pants and black accessories. But if you want to be bold, wear neon trousers and bright sunglasses with your white sweater.

Why We Love This: You might ask, “Why would I buy a white sweater? It’s so basic!” We get it, but know that having high-quality basics in your closet is incredibly important. This sweater is one of our favorites because it looks sophisticated and fun.

For Those Warmer Days: Distressed Jean Shorts

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Don’t rule out distressed jean shorts. When temperatures rise, you want to avoid wearing full-length jeans, trousers, or other long pants. Instead, you want to be in bottoms that are airy and breathable. Distressed jean shorts are just the right clothing item for those warmer days that feel more like summer.

How to Style: It takes a fashion expert to style jean shorts correctly. The word correct is a little bit harsh—because, let’s be real, there’s no right way to style anything—but jean shorts are hard to pull off. Here are some tips: Pair your shorts with high heels and gold jewelry for an elevated look. Or, dress your shorts down with platform tennis shoes and a loose-fitting cropped tee on more casual days. 

For Workdays: Lightweight Trousers

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As much as we’d rather skip work on warm days, you have to show up, so you might as well show up wearing something stunning. We recommend finding a pair of lightweight trousers that fit your body type. You can’t go wrong with a pair like these from Quince. On days you have to go to the office, you can pair a neutral pair of beige, black, navy blue, and more trousers with a ribbed tank top, a lightweight linen button-up, or even a lightweight blazer.

Elevate for the Nighttime: When the clock strikes five and it’s time for you to leave the office, you’ll want to go out with friends, maybe to a bar or dinner. You want to look a little more carefree, but you don’t want to change your outfit entirely. With your lightweight slacks, swap your daytime top for a plunge neck tee, and then swap your work heels for a pair of statement heels.

Now It’s Time to Shop, Shop, Shop

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the incredible springtime trends (cute bags, boxy jackets, classic white sweaters, jean shorts, and lightweight trousers), it’s time to invest in some pieces for spring. We encourage you to buy items you love, so shop around to find pieces that make you feel confident. Don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone because we guarantee you will look gorgeous!

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