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Last Updated on February 22, 2024

If you’re a functional adult trying to survive in a world that’s designed to drive us all insane, you may need a little help calming the hell down every now and then. And while it may be legal to fire up a bong where you live, it’s not always practical. That’s when CBD products come in. 

Since the great legalization wave, our nation has been rather excitedly exploring the possibilities of cannabinoids in everyday life. And it’s not just about THC. CBD is one of the most soothing molecules known to man. Even without the intoxicating effects of its sister cannabinoid, CBD works wonders regulating the body, easing stress, and reducing inflammation.

It’s no wonder that CBD sales are steadily rising. Let’s face it – life is stressful, and it’s only getting worse. Between trying to work from home while your kids destroy the kitchen, rising food and housing costs, and angry Karens running rampant everywhere, it’s like we’re all sitting in a pressure cooker. And while you may be tempted to take a page out of Michael Douglas’ book in the classic 90s film “Falling Down” and lose your absolute shit in public, that’s not exactly conducive to leading a successful life. That’s when CBD can help take the edge off and keep you out of jail. 

But what to buy? There are so many CBD products that it’s hard to know what will help you survive even the most challenging days. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. There are cannabis connoisseurs among us who know all about the latest, greatest, tried and true CBD products to get you through this thing called life.

Some Benefits of CBD 

  • Regulates appetite and immune system
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces muscle strain
  • Reduces stress and lifts mood
  • Reduces anxiety and depression

CBD has some very distinctive benefits. First, it’s a regulator. It can regulate your appetite and soothe inflammation, making you less likely to get puffy or have an undue allergic reaction. It also eases muscle strain if you like to unwind with the occasional hot girl walk.

CBD also is a mood lifter. It is often sought out because it helps simultaneously remove stress from your mind and body by easing your muscles and lifting your mood. It helps with both anxiety and depression so that you can feel your best even if you’re having a tough day.

Whether you get anxious, stressed, or just plain sick of everyone’s shenanigans, CBD can help. Explore the following suggestions to improve your overall experience in whatever way works best for you.

  1. CBD Gummies, Mints, or Chocolates

The first and best CBD product to keep on hand is a well-stocked tin of CBD candies. Whether you prefer gummy bears, mints, citrus squares, or little chocolates – grab something small, non-perishable, and tasty. 

Edible CBD is the single safest thing to keep in your purse or man bag, and you won’t get in trouble with your canna-phobic coworkers if they see you eating candy during a meeting. You can pop a CBD sweet and feel the stress melting out of your mood and muscles in just a few moments.

One of the most popular well known CBD gummies are the Full Spectrum gummies who offer a free bottle to new customers.

full spectrum cbd gummies

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  1. CBD Brownie BitesĀ 

Of course, even better than gummies and mints is the delectable ecstasy of CBD baked goods. We especially love brownie bites baked with CBD oil, but you can adjust your favorite sweets to taste. You can also keep a bottle of CBD-infused cooking oil in the pantry to bake a few extra fun treats whenever the mood strikes. 

  1. CBD Soothing Moisturizer with Hemp Seed Oil

Whether your family gives you stress hives or you’re just combatting dry kin, CBD-infused moisturizer is absolutely luxurious. You’ll want a double-whammy of cannabis ingredients for your favorite travel lotion, so look for a moisturizer with a hemp seed oil base, a long-time non-comedogenic and highly nutrient-rich favorite of the cosmetic industry. Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed hemp seeds that have zero THC or CBD but are packed with other things that are wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing for your skin.

In addition to hemp seed oil to keep your skin fresh, CBD is an anti-inflammatory. While you won’t get the mood bonuses through skin absorption, you will appreciate that your early-morning or post-sweets puffiness will soon fade after applying this exquisite lotion formula.

Hint: Don’t bother with expensive serums. All you need is hemp seed oil (cheap!), CBD, and maybe some shea butter.

  1. CBD Vape Cartridges

If you can step out on the patio for a puff, CBD vape cartridges are the single fastest way to unwind in an emergency. If your family can sometimes drive you to madness, a single puff of CBD oil can instantly calm your nerves. 

Try a small, rechargeable vape pen and a few 510-thread CBD cartridges in your favorite strains and flavors. If you’re stressed, simply step out on the porch (like you always do) or walk around the block. A few puffs and deep breathing will make you feel calm, relaxed, and ready to let the chaos of a busy weeknight wash over you without ruffling your feathers.

CBD vape has almost no smell and is not smoke, so you can even catch an emergency puff in a well-ventilated bathroom without getting caught.

Hint: Do not take CBD cartridges on an airplane. They are legal, but the TSA has been known to be overzealous in trying to keep THC carts from crossing state lines.

  1. CBD Bath Bombs

While all these CBD items can help you stay cool, nothing is as relaxing as the perfect bath after a long day. Wait until your family goes to bed, scrub out the tub (always a good start), and draw yourself a nice, hot bath.  

When the water is ready, add your beautiful CBD bath bomb. The fragrance from the oils, the color from the powders, and the soothing effects of CBD will soon have you floating on a warm cloud far away from all your worries. Let the aromatherapy do its work. In fact, light a few candles and turn out the lights for the optimum experience. 

Go to bed feeling fresh and relaxed, and wake up feeling like serene royalty. Spouse antics and family chaos are nothing compared to the bliss of a perfect CBD-infused bath.

Hint: A bath bomb is a little bit of everything. Be sure to pick a fragrance and ingredient mix that you’ll love along with the CBD ingredient. Also, remember to wipe out the tub when you’re done.

Is CBD the same as Marijuana?

The short answer is no, CBD (cannabidiol) is not the same as marijuana. Marijuana refers to the cannabis plant, which contains various compounds including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is psychoactive and produces the well known “high”. CBD, on the other hand, is also a compound found in cannabis but does not produce psychoactive effects like THC does. CBD is often extracted from hemp, a variety of cannabis that contains none or very low levels of THC which is suitable for all types of natural products.

Find These CBD Products Anywhere

The best part about this list of CBD products is that you can find them anywhere. CBD is legal in most states, even states where THC is not yet permitted. You can often find a local shop, online store, or private vendor who can hook you up with the good stuff. Check out your local “vape shop,” which will feature nicotine vapes but also a few CBD cartridges and edibles. Some online vendors will sell edibles and cosmetics to any state where CBD is not restricted.

Come on, Get Happy

With these CBD products, anyone can survive a hectic day. Find the items and routine that work best for you, whether it’s popping a CBD gummy before dinner or vaping on the porch when you need to quickly de-stress. 

*CBD is only legal for medicinal and recreational use in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Washington, D.C.

We may receive a small commission through affiliate links on this page at no cost to you.

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