Ditch the Luggage For the Ultimate Travel Experience

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

One-bag travel is becoming increasingly popular among many backpackers and light travelers, mainly because of the benefits it offers over carrying multiple bags. If you are used to traveling with multiple bags, one-bag travel may not sound attractive to you, but in reality, it is an excellent way of traveling light and having a less stressful trip. Plus, you will save a lot of time and money by carrying only one bag instead of multiple ones.

Traveling is about the experience. Bringing everything and the kitchen sink can be a burden more than a necessity. One-bag traveling is the ideal solution to leaving the “baggage” at home. Let’s take a deeper look into the one-bag travel concept and see how it can help you cut down on your packing time and expenses.

What is One-Bag Travel?

One and done

As the name suggests, one-bag travel is the philosophy that you can travel anywhere with just a single bag. This strategy prioritizes simplicity and intentionality when packing and relies on the idea that less is more. This may sound scary, but many people have done it, which means you can do it too.

The one-bag travel concept is all about finding the balance between utility and practicality. The idea is to minimize the number of items you travel with and only pack what’s essential. You’ll need to keep your packing list to a minimum and ensure that the things you bring provide a certain level of comfort, utility, and versatility. Practicing these minimalist principles and simplifying your travel can significantly improve your overall satisfaction.

Adapting to one-bag travel can help avoid extra baggage check-in fees, uncomfortable bus rides, and taxis. Gone is the burden of locating your luggage or worrying about lost or stolen bags. Say goodbye to the sweat, the aggravation of trying to fit your luggage in overhead bins, and having to tote baggage for miles. A one-bag travel plan can reveal how much less is actually needed when traveling. It truly opens up a sense of freedom, ease, and lightness.

Why Should You Try One-Bag Travel?

Save on luggage fees

By bringing only one bag, you can avoid the fees associated with checked baggage and the costs associated with luggage storage. The cost of bringing luggage onboard has only been increasing over time. In many locales worldwide, using public transportation instead of a taxi or rideshare can be far more economical. Light luggage makes it easier to bring it onboard a bus, train, etc… When you’re only carrying one bag, you can even choose to walk if it’s an option.

Easier to move around

Think of all the trouble you’d have just to carry your heavy bag around. You will have to lug it to the airport, navigate your way through the crowds, wait in line to check it in, and then repeat all of those steps on your way back. On the other hand, if you only have a lightweight carry-on bag or backpack, you can take that with you and leave without worrying about anything else. Traveling can be unpredictable, so imagine babysitting a load of baggage in case of the unexpected.

No need to wait for baggage claim

If you don’t have any checked baggage, you won’t have to linger in line at the baggage claim once you get to your destination. While the amount of time saved may not seem significant, the freedom to exit the airport as soon as you step off the plane is priceless.

Never lose your bag

If you do not have a checked bag, there is no chance that your belongings will be lost, stolen, or damaged in any way. When you travel with only a single, compact carry-on bag or a backpack, the chances of losing your bags, having them stolen, or having them become damaged are significantly reduced. Having this assurance before boarding the plane and after you’ve arrived at your destination will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

One-bag travel is safer

This is particularly relevant for backpackers and those traveling on a shoestring budget. When out having a good time at the bar or doing something else, the last thing you want to do is worry about the bulky bag you left in your hostel room. Having your baggage on your person, you can rest easy knowing that all your belongings are protected because you will never be far from them.

Packing light reduces the strain on your body while traveling

Traveling with heavy bags can strain the muscles in your shoulders and back, making each step you take feel very uncomfortable. Ease the burden with only a carry-on bag or a backpack, and you won’t have to worry about this issue. If a little extra space is needed, rolling suitcases are acceptable since they do not need to be carried most of the time. However, be careful when packing or selecting one to buy. They can get heavy very quickly!

When you are already worn out from the long journey, the last thing you want is for your muscles to be sore and tired when they don’t have to be. So a one-bag strategy ensures you have the freshest start at arrival.

One-bag travel can reduce stress

Traveling with just one bag is more convenient and less stressful because you won’t have to deal with checking bags, lost luggage, lugging a heavy bag, or going through check-in. Traveling with one bag means fewer things to stress about and more time to enjoy yourself.


Once you master the art of one-bag travel, which is about curating, simplifying, and paring your personal items down to the things you need while on vacation, it will show you how to declutter your entire life by learning how to live with less. This one-bag travel concept can be applied to all aspects of life, from business to leisure and even daily activities. Overall, one-bag travel is more than a movement; it’s a lifestyle.

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