Breathe Easy: Top-Rated Women’s Cotton Underwear Picks

Our underwear choices are not always visible and shown. Although there might be outfits that show some skin and show our underwear for that matter, these garments are pretty much hidden. But, no matter if they are not visible, women simply love good underwear, and above all, it has to be comfortable. Luckily, the market today has tons of choices for all different needs and styles, but one particular option that always comes as a top choice is cotton underwear.

Why Cotton is King

So what makes cotton underwear so popular, demanded, and a number one choice? Well, in general, cotton is a fabric that is very gentle and comfortable on the skin. It is widely used in the fashion industry, and that is why it is a great choice for underwear too. Cotton underwear provides the most breathability. This is essential because this fabric is effective for maintaining good hygiene and staying cool and comfortable. Additionally, cotton underwear provides all-day comfort for the skin, especially needed for those who are more sensitive.

Underwear is personal and the preferences can be different and specific, but all of that can be much easier if you commit to one thing, and that is fabric. The material, in this case cotton, is very absorbent and breathable as mentioned above. That is what makes it a very comfortable choice for undergarments. Additionally, when cotton is produced sustainably, it is free from toxic or hormone-disrupting substances that might cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious illnesses.

Our Best Women’s Cotton Underwear

With all of the above in mind, here are the best cotton underwear choices for women, worth considering:

Bare Necessities

Bare The Easy Everyday Cotton Brief is one of the best underwear choices. Coming from Bare Necessities, these underwear garments are a top choice for many. The stretch cotton is very comfortable and cozy to wear, so no matter if you put on jeans or a dress, these panties will ensure that you feel great throughout the day.

Third Love

Third Love is another great brand that promotes cotton underwear for women. Especially the cotton briefs are an amazing addition to any underwear drawer. Their sizes vary from XS-3X. The style features a smoothing waistband and 100% cotton gusset.


Known as a brand that has a lot of different products, especially economic essentials, the brand’s underwear is truly worth mentioning. The cotton underwear garments are made of a blend of cotton and spandex. This style provides great fit and comfort.

Negative Underwear

image 16
Negative Underwear Cotton Thong

At Negative Underwear, you will find soft and super stretchy undergarments. Not only are they super comfortable, but their full-coverage style is made from cotton and high-percentage spandex. That delivers the most seamless fit. Such a pair of underwear is highly breathable and will stay in shape for a long time.


For more stylish however equally comfortable and enjoyable underwear, SKIMS has a variety of cotton underwear that is figure-flattering and comfortable. The cotton briefs come just below the natural waist and are a bit stretchy. This allows adjusting to the sides so that it can fit and flatter the natural shape of the body. This cotton underwear is sexy and sensible at the same time, and definitely worth a space in your underwear drawer.


Known for their sustainable and ethical approach towards fashion and nature in general, H&M has a wide and interesting offer of women’s underwear. Especially the underwear is worth mentioning since it is designed and created from a blend of cotton and spandex. The style is comfortable, soft, and breathable, great as an everyday choice.

Tommy John

If you have heard of Pima cotton, then you certainly know it is the softest version of cotton and it is a great option for underwear. An underwear brand that offers such cotton briefs is Tommy John. Its cotton briefs are cool and comfortable, extremely cozy, and soft to wear.


A nice pair of briefs that can provide ease and protection in period days are the ones from KNIX. Their style offers maximum absorption. The cotton is very comfortable, provides great coverage, without leaks, and is a great choice to keep you safe and supported.

Hanky Panky

Cotton with a Conscience® Boyshort

As an underwear brand, Hanky Panky mixes spandex, lace, and luxe Supima cotton. It is a type of cotton that comes from Pima cotton and provides elegant comfort. The type is fine, with strong and extra-long fiber which provides durability and color retention. It is also very soft and comfortable to wear.


Knickey is a brand that supports sustainability. It holds GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications and is part of a recycling program to support the circular economy. One of the styles that are highly praised for their comfortability and coziness is the high-waisted briefs. They look like high-waisted cheeky bikini bottoms and provide the support of granny pants. They are seamless, with high quality and they will last a long time.

Fruit of the Loom

Another pretty adored and popular option of cotton briefs is the ones from Fruit of the Loom. The smooth modal-blend fabric was regarded as highly comfortable, with excellent fit and model that stays put. Its models are available in plus sizes too, which makes them even more suitable and affordable.

American Eagle

The Aerial Real Me underwear line from American Eagle is praised among female consumers because of its buttery soft and smooth fabric and the feeling it provides to the skin. What is the signature of this line is the crossover waistband that has flattering and chic detail. The full coverage is another excellent property, and moreover, these briefs come in 16 different shades.


Eberjey Pima Stretch Cotton Bikini

One other great underwear brand that features extraordinary Pima cotton is Eberjey. The offer it provides is quite varied, especially referring to the comfortability of the fabric as well as no visible lines. Its underwear can be worn underneath everything and the feeling is quite enjoyable.

Richer Poorer

This underwear brand can be described as one that offers the utmost comfort of underwear. Especially the cotton briefs, which are among the top cotton underwear choices for women around the world.

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