15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas When Your Dad “Doesn’t Want Anything”

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

What do you get your dad when he never officially wants anything for Father’s Day? Or birthdays and other holidays? Some dads offer no clues, but it’s not their fault. Guys sometimes get into the habit of being low-maintenance, and it’s just easier not to want much in the way of gifts. For some, it’s generational. For others, it’s a kind of pervasive nonchalance, and they really can’t think of anything they want.

But you know them better than that. You know they’re still wearing that funny cap you gifted a few years back, using that neat dad tool you got for Christmas, and still cooking with that grill you and your siblings went in on a few years ago. You love watching a gift quietly become one of your dad’s favorite things, and this year, you want to do it again. So, what incredible gift can you give to the dad who “doesn’t want anything” this Father’s Day?

We have a few fun ideas that might fit your dad’s hobbies and style.

  1. Custom Embroidered Hat

If you know and love your father’s sense of humor, have a hat made for him that is unlike any other. Have his favorite joke, phrase, or quote embroidered on it or use an image that represents something he loves. Choose a design that your dad will proudly wear in jest, in seriousness, and every time he chills outdoors – no matter what his hobbies might be.

  1. A High-End Power Shaver

Almost every man needs a good shaver. Unless your dad is totally devoted to his favorite razor and shaving routine, consider getting him one of the incredibly popular triple-head smart power shavers. The latest shaving technology promises a smooth and complete shave with basically no effort. It might just become your dad’s new favorite thing.

  1. Camera-Equipped Bird Feeder

Is your dad a birdwatcher who constantly looks for clever places to hang new bird feeders so he can watch his feathered friends from every window of the house? Get him the ultimate birdwatcher’s dream: A smart bird feeder with its own camera. This way, your dad can watch his birds even when he’s indoors and get a beautifully up-close view of his little friends as they enjoy the seed he lovingly leaves out for them every week.

  1. A Laser Measuring Tape

You haven’t lived until you’ve played with a laser measuring tape – and your dad will love it, too. A laser measuring tape shoots a laser across the room, telling you the distance from the device’s position. It’s awesome, fast, and you don’t have to wrangle the metal tape. You can measure any distance from anywhere. We promise your dad will walk around the house measuring all sorts of distances, then cheerfully say, “Hey, did you know that X is X feet away?” all day after receiving this super cool gift.

  1. A Fine Bottle of Liquor

For dads who are connoisseurs, you always have one go-to option for a meaningful gift: Find a beautiful and well-crafted bottle of his favorite type of liquor. Whether he’s a whiskey man or a wine sommelier, your father will appreciate the sentiment and enjoy opening the bottle with you to share on some special occasion.

  1. Night Vision Goggles

Every dad is secretly a super-spy. If you want to make it an evening of fun and adventure – and spice up all your dad’s future camping trips, give him a fantastic pair of night vision goggles. Your dad will be James Bonding around the living room, backyard, and everywhere else, checking out how things look in night vision mode. Others might get to play, as well, or you can get a set and pass the extra pair around to join in the fun.

  1. An Engraved Metal Cardholder

Looking for something more refined? While money clips are no longer practical, you can find a beautiful metal cardholder for your dad and have it engraved. Include his name or elegant initials. Then, have a special message from you engraved into the lid or fold – depending on the cardholder style. Your dad just might begin carrying around this classy and practical gift in his pocket at all times.

  1. Marshmallow Crossbow

If your dad is a jokester who loves to play around, we have the perfect thing: The marshmallow crossbow. This simple elastic launcher looks cool and launches deliciously harmless marshmallows all over the house. While your mom might have some objections, you and your dad can do combat with the biggest, fluffiest marshmallows for much of the day. Younger siblings and cousins are guaranteed to join the game.

  1. An Awesome Portable Power Station

Whether your dad likes to camp, fish, go to sports games, or set up in a garage workshop, there are few things more useful than a really nice portable power station. Find one with wall plug ports, USB ports, car charger ports, and more. It might also be a radio or even a vehicle jump box. Dads of all types will find this device handy for various projects and opportunities.

  1. The Perfect Jacket

If you want to give your dad a gift he’ll wear all the time, find the perfect jacket. Consider the jackets your dad has loved through the years. The fabric, the fit, the insulation, and the pocket design all matter. Then, search for a jacket he won’t want to take off. You’ll see that jacket on the coat hook, out raking leaves, running errands, and anywhere your dad goes during the jacket-wearing season.

  1. A New Set of Drill Bits

If your dad loves his power drill, there is one thing a drill user always needs: new drill bits. The small ones break often, and the large ones wear down. Specialty bits that are strong enough to go through stone or metal are handy. Check out the type of drill your dad uses most and get him a neat variety pack of strong new drill bits in a sturdy, organized carry case so he can keep on drilling through absolutely everything.

  1. New Gardening Gloves and Tools

If your dad is an avid gardener, make sure he’s well-equipped. Gift your dad a new pair of nicely reinforced gardening gloves—sturdy enough to resist the sharpest rose thorns—and a new set of gardening tools. Hand trowels, garden forks, and a good shovel are always helpful. But the gloves are often most loved and wear out the fastest.

  1. A Sweet Chef’s Knife and Cutting Board

If your pops is a fan of the culinary arts, nothing is as meaningful as a high-quality chef’s knife. This single knife is everything a chef needs, and they will care for it lovingly to maintain that perfect edge and balance. Round out your gift with a beautiful wooden cutting board, and you have the perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad always in the kitchen.

  1. A High-End Travel Cooler

A travel cooler is a great gift for dads who like to take trips and plan events. You’ll see that thing go everywhere and spot it in the background of all the best photos of your dad grinning with family and friends. A good travel cooler has room for drinks and snacks at the bottom, a compartment for salads at the top, side pockets for flatware and accessories, and a sturdy strap for shoulder carrying.

  1. A Nice Dinner Together

Of course, there is always one gift you can give your dad when he doesn’t want anything. Whether or not you have a gift to wrap, a nice dinner together is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day and show your dad that you care. Depending on your dad’s style, this special meal might be at a fancy restaurant, his favorite local place, or grilled in the backyard. As long as the food is good and the time is meaningful, your Father’s Day plans will be a success!

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