Why is the World so Obsessed With Harry and Meghan?

Last Updated on November 2, 2022

Whether it’s a global pandemic, a natural disaster, war, or something more personal, like a rough day at work, we love to distract ourselves with the fantastical possibilities that life can bring by forgetting our own troubles and focusing on the fortunes and tribulations of celebrities and royalty from around the world. In recent years, the public eye has turned to the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, more commonly known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This adorable couple has drawn the attention of news stations and gossip articles from their first public appearance, and their intrigue has never faded. Whether people are drawn to the fairytale romance that brought them together, the trials and tribulations their union has brought to the British Crown, or the even more adorable Archie and Lilibet Windsor, onlookers from around the world are constantly obsessed with the lives of the royal couple and their family.

As a regular California girl, Meghan Markle attended an all-girl Catholic school and worked in a froyo shop, as a restaurant waitress, and even as a babysitter. In addition, she volunteered at a soup kitchen and spent plenty of time with her family, like any other American girl. Meghan attended university in Los Angeles, where she began a career in acting. Her acting career led her to multiple screen roles in various television shows, and she later developed a sizable social media presence. She also released two clothing lines and became involved in various charities centered around social justice and women’s issues.

In July 2016, Meghan was introduced to Prince Harry by a mutual friend, and this meeting changed the course of her life. In no time, the couple began dating, and their relationship was officially confirmed for the public in a November 2016 statement from Prince Harry’s communications secretary. The following month, the couple made their first public appearance together, and the world fell in love. Meghan went from a stand-up, all-American girl to dating a member of the British royal family, whom she later married in a fairytale wedding that was straight out of every girl’s fantasy.

Immediately, Meghan and Harry won the hearts of billions worldwide as they broke barriers and set a new bar for fairytale romance in the current world, even if there are no singing mice or magical pumpkins. At this point, an interracial couple in the royal family was unheard of, and having a working actress was even more taboo. Lucky for romantic hearts around the world, Prince Harry ignored these ancient guidelines and married for love, regardless of his family’s views.

As a member of the royal family, Meghan had to become politically neutral. After years of political activism in multiple campaigns throughout her life, this was easier said than done. Meghan continued to make occasional social media posts speaking out or showing support for various laws. Many criticized her for having political opinions due to her new title. In 2020, Meghan even shared a video with Prince Harry encouraging US citizens to vote in the upcoming election.

The world became split in their opinions over the couple’s video, with some being appalled that she was seemingly showing support for one candidate, while others were excited and supportive for her rebellious attitude while showing that even royals have a human side. Even with the disdain from the Crown, Meghan refused to remove her posts or videos that hinted at her personal political leanings, earning her the respect of billions of supporters from hundreds of nations due to her loyalty to her own opinions.

In 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first official trip abroad as representatives of the Queen of England. Their visits were greeted with excitement and joy from every nation they travelled to, and the elation was heightened at the announcement of Meghan’s first pregnancy.

While touring the world, Meghan and Harry became active in multiple projects centered around empowering women, educating young women, and participating in Harry’s work as youth ambassador to the Commonwealth. To further help their causes, the couple created an Instagram page that broke the world record for the fastest page to gain one million followers. Their combined fame and influence were growing daily and the world that fell in love with their story quickly fell in love with their contributions to humanity.

In 2020, Meghan and Harry decided to take a step back from their positions as senior members of the royal family and focus on their family life. They announced to the world that they would begin balancing their time between Prince Harry’s home in the UK and Meghan’s home in the United States. The Queen was adamantly against this decision and a statement was released announcing that, since they were not working as representative of the Queen, they would no longer be receiving the relevant financial support from the Crown.

The world waited with bated breath while the formal titles of Duke and Duchess were placed under review. The couple, however, was not fazed and they officially stepped down from their position in March 2020. While the royal family was not pleased with the decision, and loyalists to the Crown were opposed to this forfeiture of their titles, Harry and Meghan gained the abundant respect of the progressive younger generations for their controversial decision. Those under the age of 40 were more supportive of the importance of family life and familial roles, as opposed to the need for a royal figure and royal lifestyle at all times.

As the world progresses and evolves, humanity is beginning to change its way of thinking. Today’s generation has no desire to be ruled by the wealthy and history has grown weary of toppling empires just to have a new ruler take its place. Harry and Meghan exemplify a new way of royal thinking where the royal family members can actively participate in charities among various societies, while also having their own thoughts and opinions and taking time off to focus on their family.

While billions of people still romanticize the royal lifestyle with the money and wardrobe and galas and travel, people also recognize the need to feel human and to feel seen, and to not feel like you’re constantly on display for the whims of the people. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry brought that realization and honest face to the eye of the public, and the public fell in love with the concept of humanizing royalty in place of idolizing figureheads.

While the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done brilliant, compassionate, extraordinary things for the world, what they represent to countless individuals and communities gives us hope that the world is changing in a positive way, despite the ongoing presence of bad people and situations that the news likes to focus on.

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