Pamela Anderson: Why Everyone Loves This 90s It-Girl

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Pamela Anderson has been a pop culture icon since the mid-90s. Best known as an actor, activist, and model, the blonde bombshell is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. From gracing the sensual pages of Playboy to running across the Baywatch beach in her iconic red bathing suit, she’s always had a knack for turning heads and making headlines.

Despite her materialistic and superficial portrayal on TV, Anderson, now 55, is a soft-spoken, glamorous embodiment of a woman everyone loves. Her documentary on Netflix, Pamela: A Love Story, which Anderson describes as intimate and definitive, tells her true story and shows a side the public has never heard or seen.

There’s no doubt that Anderson will always be one of the biggest icons in our lifetime. Here are nine reasons why we love Pamela Anderson:

She’s an Amazing Actor and Entertainer 

After publishing her memoir, Love, Pamelaand the Jan 31st release of her documentary, Anderson has had a busy year. However, acting and entertaining are nothing new to her. She made her TV debut in 1991 as Lisa on Home Improvement, where everyone fell in love with her natural beauty and charming smile. 

This debut led to her star-making role on Baywatch, where she played CJ (Casey Jean) Parker. Her depiction, character, and beauty in the show made her one of the most beloved cast members of the series. To this day, people watch Baywatch to see Anderson patrol the Malibu beach in a bathing suit and pink fuzzy hat. Anderson describes her time on Baywatch as one of the fondest memories of her life. In 2018, she said, “It was one of the best jobs in the world.” 

She’s a Good Mom

Anderson is an amazing mom to two vibrant and healthy boys, Brandon Lee and Dylan Dee. She was pregnant with Dylan in 1997 when she departed Baywatch to spend more time with her family. Despite being divorced from their father, Tommy Lee, Anderson makes it a point for the family to reunite and spend time together.

As a proud mom, she values the importance of family and building healthy relationships with her two sons. Both her sons often accompany her to shows, red-carpet events, and other public appearances. Their most recent appearance was during the premiere of her Netflix documentary, produced by her eldest son, Brandon. Anderson also mentions her sons in her memoir, describing them as true miracles she loves and adores.

She Has a Loving Heart

Anderson wears her heart on her sleeve and is a sucker for love. Throughout her time in the spotlight, she’s received harsh and unwanted criticism from the public, but this hasn’t tinted her loving heart and caring personality. Her career has been extremely rocky, marked by extreme highs and lows. Her upbringing has also been traumatic and full of abuse and domestic violence. But Anderson remains happy, caring, and loving throughout the years.

She Has an Iconic Look

Anderson is a fashion icon widely known for her voluminous blonde hair, low-cut cleavage, shimmering pink lips, a heavy slick of eyeliner, and blush. Many have tried to imitate this iconic look but have yet to succeed. Only Anderson seems to effortlessly pull it off, making her the original 90s blond bombshell. 

Today, she still oozes glamour and beauty when attending events and shows, thanks to her exquisite taste in fashion and style. As for her relationship with fashion, Anderson revealed that she tries to “have fun” with clothes and doesn’t necessarily follow trends and designer clothing. Just recently, Anderson modeled Victoria Beckham’s lilac dress in a photoshoot, which she shared on her Instagram, recognizing the actor as her muse.

She’s Always Kind to Her Fans

Most celebrities may come off as arrogant and stand-offish to their fans, but not Anderson. Whether it’s followers on social media or in public, Anderson is known to be kind to her fans and supporters. On Feb 7th, she held a book signing in Toronto, where thousands of fans lined up to meet her. Many fans have described her as extremely polite, gracious, and friendly. 

She’s Smart

Anderson isn’t your typical blond, dumb girl stereotype as popularly depicted in movies. Instead, she’s smarter than people give her credit for. With only a High School Diploma, Anderson’s net worth stands at a whopping $20 million, which she has made from her career in modeling, TV, acting, and film roles. She is also working on several upcoming projects, including a cooking show that will premiere in 2024. 

She’s Strong

Anderson’s story may be sad, tragic, and unnerving, but it has strengthened her. Having grown up in an abusive home with a violent father and an unstable mom, Anderson has gone through it all. She was sexualized at a young age, making her miss the promiscuity phase, and her famous breasts made her the target of numerous lurid comments and unwelcome stares. When her sex tape with Tommy Lee leaked in the 90s, it took away her innocence and exposed her to public scrutiny and shame. 

However, never once did Anderson see herself as a victim but as a heroine who saw the light in the darkness. Her struggles have made her into the woman she is today, and she hopes her story can inspire and encourage others going through the same life battles.

She’s Dealt with Shitty Exes, and Its SO Relatable

Anderson is living proof that beauty, a smoking body, and success don’t shield you from awful partners. Most of her relationships were filled with jealousy, abuse, and violence, including her marriage to Tommy Lee. Tommy was abusive toward Anderson and their two sons and was once arrested and sent to jail for spousal abuse. The couple eventually called it quits in 1998 by filing for divorce. 

In her memoir, Anderson mentions that one of her ex-boyfriends stalked and harassed her countless times. At one point, he tried to run her over with his car and would follow her when walking home. 

Pamela Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most multi-talented personalities to grace our screens, and we love her for that and so much more! 

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