Five Steamy New Shows to Binge When It’s Cold Outside

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

Fall and winter bring cooler weather, making it the perfect time to stay inside with your boo to make popcorn, pour a few drinks, and binge-watch your favorite shows together. If you’re looking for something new to watch under the covers, we got you. Here are five of our favorite binge-worthy series!

1. How to Build a Sex Room

We’ll start the list with a sexy and fun show that will get your creativity flowing and may give you a few ideas on how to spice things up. How to Build a Sex Room is an interior design show where the designer, Melanie, works with many couples or partner groups to transform an ordinary room into their own personal sexual paradise.

Using any size room, from a shed in the back yard to a basement to a hidden room off the living room, Melanie talks with each customer about what, specifically, turns them on. Then, she helps them find new ways to explore kinks and fetishes while helping them broaden their sexual limits without shaming them or making them uncomfortable.

Melanie then transforms the desired room into something where lovers can feel completely in the moment with different sex toys, furniture, and even decorations that fit their specific desires. From hardcore BDSM to sense-play, sex dungeons to cuddle rooms, and all the dildos, whips, paddles, and ropes you could ever need, there is a sex room for every taste, and lovers get to learn new positions and sensations that they may not have been brave enough to try, otherwise.

2. Bridgerton

For every romantic at heart who loves good historical romance, Bridgerton will be a go-to for your next binge session. As Downton Abbey came to a close, millions of fans were craving a new series set in a grand setting with some sassy repartee and enough romance that you’ll want to follow every sordid affair and relationship throughout the season.

Set in the early 1800s in the heart of London, eight siblings navigate high society searching for love and happiness in a society that cares only for status and appearances. As a new group of young women is presented to society, they learn to navigate friends and foes alike while discovering their own love interests and what romance feels like.

The series finds just the right mix of intrigue, romance, and mystery to keep every romantic firmly seated in front of their television as they watch the first three seasons and look forward to the upcoming fourth season.

Historically speaking, most of London was primarily Caucasian. However, the casting directors have opted for a mixed-race cast, making this show feel more all-inclusive. Initially, the cast included lesser-known actors and actresses. Still, a couple of big names were thrown in the mix, such as Julie Andrews, who originally played Mary Poppins.

While the show does not necessarily show any steamy sex scenes, it alludes to all the various sordid affairs and interactions while keeping viewers thirsty for more.

3. Outlander

With a combination of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance, and historical fiction, Outlander is every woman’s dream. The show follows a British woman named Claire who is somehow thrown 200 years back in time. In her own time in 1945, Claire is a combat nurse in WWII who is married to Frank and embarks on a second honeymoon with her husband. During this honeymoon, she suddenly finds herself in 1743, where her life is almost immediately endangered.

After Jamie, a sexy Scottish warrior, rescues her, she is forced to marry him to remain safe and falls in love with her savior. Her new marriage becomes a passionate affair as Claire struggles with her heart being torn in two different directions by two men she loves dearly.

The show is full of incredibly sexy actors and actresses and plenty of hot, steamy scenes. Much of the show is influenced by historical accuracies, making the storyline easy to follow and the romance irresistible. The love scenes rival those in most romance novels, making this the perfect show for couples to enjoy and simultaneously spark a sordid and passionate night of their own.

4. P-Valley

P-Valley is made for raunchy comedy lovers who get turned on by seeing a sensual and wild night with more backstory than a porn movie. The show follows a group of strip club employees in Mississippi as they work and navigate the world of raw sex that runs their lives.

While the show does have strippers and other dancers, the show is not centered around dancing. Instead, it centers around the lives of the employees and workers and the complexity of human nature. There is plenty of drama and romance for the ladies to get hooked on, plus plenty of eye candy and comedy to keep the men watching. There are also plenty of sexy and kinky scenes for everyone to enjoy, no matter your sexual preference or proclivities.

P-Valley is based on a book called Pussy Valley, and it shows the human side of strippers and strip club workers. There is drama and mystery, and the characters show a complexity that keeps viewers on their toes and waiting with bated breath for the next episode. The struggles of a business based on human contact surviving a global pandemic, the difficulty of working closely with someone you distrust, and the complicated nature of trying to improve your life keep the storyline fresh, so viewers are unlikely to get bored while binging this show.

5. Who Killed Sara?

Teenage beauty, Sara, decides to go parasailing with her boyfriend, brother, and various other friends. Unfortunately, this is ultimately the worst decision of her life since she falls to her death. Sara’s brother, Alex, is sent to prison for 18 years after being wrongly accused of murdering his sister, and his release sends him on a quest for revenge as he tries to find her true killer.

Who Killed Sara? is full of drama, suspense, and hot, steamy romance that make an at-home date night fun and intriguing. The show has complex characters with new information constantly coming to light, enough plot twists to keep everyone guessing the truth, and enough passion, romance, and sex to spice up the mood between you and your partner.

As Alex searches for the truth, he discovers things about his sister that he never knew while finding that not all the friends present when she died were actually friends of his family. His intensity and fiery demeanor make Alex a compelling character, and the storyline and plot keep fans guessing who Sara’s real killer is, even if that killer was alone in their actions.

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