Begin Again: What to Know about Traylor


Last Updated on October 24, 2023

All in favor of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s budding relationship, Speak Now! Over the past week, the internet has been buzzing over an unlikely pairing: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The twelve-time Grammy award winner is reportedly seeing the well-known tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. And…spoiler…Swifties across the globe are excited.

A lot is going on with this new relationship (although Taylor herself hasn’t officially confirmed it yet). Between Taylor’s appearance at Travis’ game against the Chicago Bears on September 24th, their romantic escape in the football player’s convertible, and more, it’s no surprise this unexpected relationship has prompted the internet to go crazy. Let’s talk more about “Traylor,” as some call the pair. By the end, you’ll know the scoop, learn to love Taylor and Travis, and have all the info needed to choose your favorite ship name.

I’ll Be 87 You’ll Be 89: The Basics

Longtime Taylor fans are probably familiar with Mary’s Song, from her debut album. The ditty includes a lyric that says, “I’ll be 87 you’ll be 89, I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine.” It’s well-known that Taylor was born in 1989—she even has an album titled 1989 (the re-recording is coming out on October 27th). But fans were super excited to find out that Travis Kelce’s number is, serendipitously, 87.

Even new fans are likely familiar with the fact that Taylor Swift is known for being superstitious. Between her love of the number 13 and her obsession with what is known as “Easter Eggs,” Taylor loves to leave her fans in suspense. So, the fact that Travis has ties to this special number made fans go…wild…it’s fate. All of this is to say that in the eyes of the Swifties, Travis and Taylor are a match made in heaven. We couldn’t have imagined a better pairing in our Wildest Dreams.

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Taylor’s Surprise Appearance

Let’s get into the details of Taylor’s appearance at the Chiefs game on Sunday. On an episode of his podcast a few months ago, Travis admitted going to Taylor Swift’s concert with the intent to give her his number. Although he ultimately failed, she clearly heard his calls, because Taylor was at Sunday’s game, cheering in a box with the footballer’s mom.

Clearly, because when Taylor Swift goes anywhere fans have a lot to say about it—remember Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff’s wedding? Fans took to social media to convey their excitement over Travis’ win and the suspected relationship, but what came after the game is arguably what made Swifties even more excited.

Left the Game in a Getaway Car

Taylor is known for many things, but driving around the city in a convertible is not one. It’s rare that fans see Taylor around town so casually—although recently, she has been seen out more. So, when Taylor and Travis were spotted in his convertible, it was surely a memorable sight. According to eyewitnesses, Taylor and Travis took their Getaway Car and went to a local restaurant in Kansas City. Travis supposedly rented out the entire establishment after the game. Those who love Taylor know she loves grand gestures, and talk about grand gestures.

Travis Talks about Taylor on His Podcast…Again

It’s been an action-packed three days for Swifties, and just as everyone was recovering, Travis Kelce decided to talk about his relationship with Taylor again. He took to his podcast for the second time to say, “I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend.” He continues, saying, “Shout out to Taylor for pulling up. That was pretty ballsy.” The best part is Travis reported that everyone loved Taylor at the game. In other words, Taylor is getting along super well with Travis’s family—which we love to see.

The Internet Ships It, But What Are We Calling Them?

Without going on about Taylor Swift’s dating history, you should know that she just got out of a 6-year relationship with the British actor Joe Alwyn. Fans have come to dislike Alwyn because, as social media is now saying, he never let her be Bejeweled. Corny song references aside, Joe and Taylor are a thing of the past, and we’ve moved on to better things: Taylor and Travis.

When a celebrity couple becomes popular online, the first thing to do is give them a ship name. There are a lot of different options floating around the internet right now, but so far, the main contenders are “Double Tee,” “Traylor,” and “Tay-K.” As far as we see it, all of these names are competitive, but there’s something about “Traylor” that just sticks out. We can all agree that Taylor is a lyrical genius, but when it comes to ship names, let’s keep things simple. “Traylor” just has a good ring to it.

In terms of the runners-up, “Double Tee,” and “Tay-K,” they simply fall a little short for the following reasons: “Double Tee” (although it reminds us of Love Story…and its t-shirts) kind of sounds golf-related. We don’t want to make sweeping assumptions, but how many Swifties golf? “Tay-K” sounds like it’s referring to the Kardashian franchise, and let’s be real, can Swifties forgive the Kardashians for what they’ve done to Taylor? That’s up to you to decide. Maybe post-Kanye-and-Kim’s-Divorce the Kardashians can be forgiven.


It’s a Love Story, and We’ll Say “Yes”

For now, we don’t know much about Travis and Taylor. It’s a little surprising for Taylor to go public so quickly on such a large scale, especially considering she just broke up with Joe. However, if Taylor’s happy, we’re here for it. She might be having a little fun after her breakup, or she might be ready to settle down for the duration. Whatever she wants works for us. Stay tuned for more updates on “Traylor”—Are You Ready for It?

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